7/13 Health Advisory

We strongly recommend wearing medical-grade masks or respirator masks (including surgical, N95, KN95, KF94) when indoors around others to reduce transmission and risk of infection. Masking is most effective when there is both a good fit (no gaps, covering the nose, mouth, chin) and good filtration. If and when the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issues changes to the Public Health Officer order regarding indoor masking protocols, the university will align with required measures.

Update on COVID-19 Procedures

In keeping with the state and county’s revised definition of “close contact” (someone sharing the same indoor space for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) the university is revising its COVID-19 notification practices. This change is needed to ensure compliance with the new definition. 

Beginning on Wednesday, May 4, all currently enrolled students and all university employees will receive a daily email message with an update on reported cases. A sample message is attached. The message contains a link to the daily report of cases, and instructions for individuals who believe that they have been in close contact with a positive individual. 

Trojan Check no longer required as of 4/4/22

As of April 4, 2022 (Monday), USC campuses will no longer require Trojan Check for access to campuses. Perimeter check at the UPC campus will be discontinued on that date. Read the complete university message.

Spring Break Antigen Kits for Students

All USC students are encouraged to pick up a free COVID-19 antigen testing kit for use after spring break travel. You will receive an email from the USC Bookstores with a unique QR code for pickup, and when you return to campus from travel, use this kit within the first 24 hours of arriving back to your residence. If you test NEGATIVE, you may proceed to classes and activities. No uploads are necessary. Schedule a PCR test through Pop Testing between days 3-5 after your return from travel to confirm your results. Learn more about safety over spring break and kit pickup locations.

Updated COVID-19 Policies (3/4)

Beginning March 7, masking will no longer be required indoors in most locations on USC campuses. This includes classes, labs, offices, libraries, recreational facilities, dining facilities, and athletic facilities.

Local, state, and federal guidance requires continued masking in health care facilities (including patient care buildings and testing sites) and on public transportation (including USC shuttles). Masking may also be required in certain circumstances, like in the event of an outbreak on campus. 

Masking Update for Campuses (2/25)

The university is reviewing the guidance and monitoring data in our region and for our campuses. Although our masking policies have not changed yet, we will provide more information next week after consultation with our public health experts and local authorities. Even as masking requirements are relaxed, members of our community are encouraged to continue wearing face coverings as an additional layer of personal safety.

At this time, we anticipate additional easing of restrictions in Los Angeles County that will enable us to lift our indoor masking requirements by the time students return from Spring Recess.

COVID-19 Update (2/18)

As announced on February 16, Los Angeles County removed restrictions for outdoor masking, based on improved metrics for hospitalizations and case fatalities. Outdoor masking is now also lifted for university-sponsored events. Masking is required indoors, on transportation, and at health care facilities (including testing sites). We are anticipating that metrics will continue to improve even more in one more week, so are planning for a lifting of some campus measures slated for March 1.

LA County Lifts Outdoor Masking Requirement

In alignment with the revised Public Health Officer order, masking is no longer required at outdoor events. University-sponsored outdoor events of all sizes no longer require masking for attendees. Masking continues to be required indoors, and in special environments including on USC transportation, and in all USC health care facilities including testing sites.

UPC Health Care Services for 2/16 (modifications due to parade)

UPDATE: Please see important health care service information related to services on 2/16 (due to the parade at University Park and Exposition Park). Student Health Appointment VisitsStudents: medical and mental health care at Engemann is open and operational until 7 PM; routine care and non-urgent appointments are encouraged to move to telehealth. Check MySHR for appointments. COVID-19 TestingJefferson Lot…

Relief in sight as COVID-19 winter surge tapers at USC and in L.A. County

The COVID-19 omicron variant — which went from newly detected to widespread transmission seemingly overnight — is showing a decline, both in Los Angeles County and at USC. “We are relieved to have passed the peak of this winter surge,” said Sarah Van Orman, chief medical officer for USC Student Health. As the campus emptied…