What Should I Do?

I’m a student and I think I might have COVID-19. What should I do?

STEP ONE: Arrange testing if you are experiencing symptoms. You can obtain an antigen kit from the Customer Service Centers in USC Housing, the USC bookstores, or the Engemann and Eric Cohen student health center buildings.

STEP TWO: If you test positive, complete the contact tracing form in MySHR.

By university policy, you are required to complete the “Contact Tracing Form for Persons with a Positive COVID-19 Test” form located at MySHR > Messages > New Message. 

Review and follow all the instructions for positive individuals. When you have completed the form and submitted it, you will see an automated message with a link to request isolation accommodations (only students living in USC Housing are eligible for this accommodation, students in communal residence halls are required to go into isolation accommodations). Complete the form in the link; this will be sent to the accommodations team in USC Auxiliaries.

STEP THREE: Follow instructions for post-COVID diagnosis and recovery.