What Should I Do?

I’m a student and I think I might have COVID-19. What should I do?

STEP ONE: Arrange testing if you are experiencing symptoms. If the most convenient test for you is the home antigen kit, you can obtain one from the Customer Service Centers in USC Housing, or the Pop Testing sites at Jefferson Lot (UPC) and Pappas Quad (HSC).

Testing is also available through the USC Student Health Pop Testing program. This is a PCR test that is highly sensitive, and will be able to detect infection even if you do not have symptoms. (This is the recommended option if you were exposed to a positive person, but do not have symptoms. Test on days 3-5 from the date of exposure.)

STEP TWO: If you test positive, complete the contact tracing form in MySHR. It is the second option on the main screen. (see screenshot below). Review and follow all the instructions for positive individuals. When you have completed the form and submitted it, you will see an automated message with a link to request isolation accommodations. Complete the form in the link; this will be sent to the accommodations team in USC Auxiliaries.

STEP THREE: Follow instructions for post-COVID diagnosis and recovery. You will be offered the opportunity to test out of isolation on DAY 6, instructions for testing out of isolation are available online, and you will receive a message from Student Health on setting up the Telehealth appointment.