UPC Health Care Services for 2/16 (modifications due to parade)

UPDATE: Please see important health care service information related to services on 2/16 (due to the parade at University Park and Exposition Park).

Student Health Appointment Visits
Students: medical and mental health care at Engemann is open and operational until 7 PM; routine care and non-urgent appointments are encouraged to move to telehealth. Check MySHR for appointments.

COVID-19 Testing
Jefferson Lot will be open. All other locations are closed.

Antigen Testing (for patients in isolation)
Telemed appointments only, Lot U drive-through is closed.

Springchella Immunizations Fair is closed
Attendees for Wednesday services are asked to come on Feb. 21-25.

USC Pharmacy Immunizations
Lyons Center Immunizations will be closed.

USC Pharmacy UPC Retail Locations
USC Pharmacy (Student Union) and USC Health Center Pharmacy (near Engemann) will be closed

USC Ostrow School of Dentistry (Norris Building Practice); Faculty Dental Practice(Engemann 4th floor), Keck Medicine of USC (Engemann 4th floor); USC Physical Therapy (Engemann 4th floor); Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services (PBHS, Engemann 5th floor) — Patients with appointments should check with their respective patient care centers.