Post COVID-19 Diagnosis and Recovery

Information for patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19

For individuals ages 65 and older or who have conditions that place them at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19, treatment is available.

For USC students in isolation (tested positive/symptomatic) your date of return to activities will be determined by your health provider in USC Student Health. From this date, you may resume your usual activities. Current isolation period is a minimum of 5 days from onset of symptoms (the date of symptoms is Day 0); individuals may leave isolation on Day 6 if certain specific requirements are met. Wear a mask from days 6-10 when you are in settings where other people are present.

You should NOT re-test with a PCR test within 90 days of your COVID-19 illness, as PCR tests are highly sensitive and may pick up viral particles from your previous infection, even when you do not have an active infection and are not infectious to others. If you are experiencing a new onset of symptoms, you may use an antigen test to confirm a repeat infection.

Repeat infection or immunity—Repeat infections have been found with the current dominant Omicron variants of COVID-19. Continue best practices of hand hygiene and wearing high-quality masks when indoors and in crowded settings. Stay home if you are feeling sick.

Vaccination—you may receive the COVID-19 vaccine (and booster) after you have completed your isolation period; vaccination and boosters are recommended for individuals who have previously had COVID-19.

Coping with Isolation—Having to move into isolation can bring unexpected challenges. For students who are isolating without the support of family, these mental health tips may help restore a sense of normalcy.

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