3/25: Message to Faculty Regarding Zoom Security Changes

Dear Faculty,

Information Technology Services (ITS) is committed to providing you with the tools and services you need to successfully deliver your classes on-line. This includes a safe, protected, inclusive, on-line learning environment for our faculty and students.  As such, there are safeguards in Zoom that we instituted to proactively address the class breaches experienced this week as well as Zoom features that can be leveraged to manage participants during class.  These are as follows:​

On-Line Waiting Room​

  • We enabled the Waiting Room feature for all classes and meetings conducted via Zoom.​
  • Any participant who does not login using their USC Zoom credentials automatically will be placed in the Waiting Room and will be presented with the following message.​
  • This will allow the Meeting Host to determine who to admit in class from the Waiting Room.​
  • Note: The Meeting Host will need to monitor the Waiting Room throughout the meeting to admit those that did not authenticate with their USC Zoom credentials.​

Class Management ​

In the event that you encounter a disruptive participant during class, we recommend that you:​

  • Remove participant from the class.​
  • Use the Lock feature to keep participant out of the class altogether.​

While these are strong preventative measures, additional development is underway to further tighten up the access to our on-line learning environment and classes.  Please let us know how ITS can make this transition smoother and to support you as you continue your teaching on-line. ​​

Best regards,​ ​
Douglas Shook
Douglas Shook, Ph.D.
Chief Information Officer

e-mail: shook@usc.edu
Zoom: https://usc.zoom.us/j/3832246577