4/20: USC Housing Move-Out Details

Dear Residents,

Thank you for your continuing patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented period.  We are writing today to share additional details on the plan for retrieving your belongings. We hope this will address many of the questions and concerns we have received regarding this process.

We have designed a move-out plan that balances your safety, the well-being of our staff and local community, and your understandable eagerness to obtain your belongings. With the State of California under a stay-at-home order, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommending against any large gatherings well into May, we understand that these move-out options may be less than ideal for students and families. To that end, we understand that there will be many students who will be unable to return to campus to retrieve their belongings. In these situations, students or families will be able to request that their belongings be packed and put into storage. Please email your request to housing@usc.edu. Packing and storage services will occur after the move-out appointments are completed, which should be by May 31st, unless further delays are imposed to accommodate health and safety guidelines.

Schedule / Appointments

Beginning Monday, April 27th, we plan to offer students the opportunity to return to campus to pack and move out their belongings. We have developed a calendar-based schedule based upon public health guidelines, which will limit the number of people in any one area. The schedule, which designates times by building and floor to manage necessary social distancing, is available online.

  • All residents planning to move themselves out must confirm an available online appointment for the day and time they will be coming to campus to move out of their assignment.  The appointments are designed to limit the number of people at each facility each day.
  • Please select an available move out appointment in the USC Housing application portal.
  • Residents arriving without a confirmed appointment may be denied access or be subject to extended wait times to enter facilities in order to maintain appropriate social distancing requirements.
  • Residents that hire or contract with a third-party packing service on their own will need to make an appropriate appointment and schedule to meet the service provider within the scheduled time.  (USC Storage appointments are valid as is and can be considered an established move out appointment.) Note: If you are unable to be here to meet with your third-party packing service, you will need to notify your appropriate Housing Customer Service Center so they can be prepared to provide access to your space at your request.

Social Distancing Requirements

No one should come to campus or enter any USC facility if they are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness including fever or cough.

While on campus and in USC Housing facilities everyone needs to comply with established social distancing requirements. This includes:

  • Wearing a mask or face covering at all times.
  • Frequently washing hands or using hand sanitizers provided.
  • Respecting 6’ separation while waiting in any line queue at entrances or elevators as well as in stairwells.
  • Only one other person may accompany residents into facilities as a helper at a time. When entering facilities all guests must be accompanied by the resident. You may have more than one person helping you but only one other person will be allowed to enter the building at a time.
  • Only one resident and their helper inside any elevator at one time.
  • No one not previously permitted to remain in their assignment may stay the night or re-occupy their assignment for any longer than necessary to move out their belongings.
  • Communicate your plans to return to all of your roommates so that as a group you do not come at the same time and so that any roommates who have continued to live here are able to plan accordingly.

Check Out Process / Requirements

Once residents have removed their belongings from their assignment, they must complete check out at the Customer Service Center for their building. This includes returning all keys and print cards in order to avoid replacement charges. The check-out process will be contactless and Housing staff will note your completed check out on your keycard and in our reservation system.

Residents may also return any USC Libraries books or materials to any USC Housing Customer Service Center. USC Housing will ensure they are returned to the Libraries.

If the Customer Service Center is closed when you complete your move out, there are express check out envelopes and drop boxes located at all Customer Service Centers to ensure you can turn in keys and print cards as well as confirm you are checked out of your assignment.

Campus Vehicle Access and Parking

USC has restricted vehicle access to the campus at this time. Appropriate gates and parking structures will be opened during the posted move out periods only. USC Transportation and the Department of Public Safety (DPS) will direct traffic and ensure that there are no points of congestion on the streets surrounding the Housing facilities. There will be no charges for parking during the move out periods.

  • With the exception of the Parkside Area on campus, all vehicles must park in an appropriate parking space or parking structure.
  • New / North, Birnkrant and South Residential College residents should park in either the McCarthy Way Parking Structure or the Royal Street Parking Structure. Enter campus at McCarthy Way or at McClintock and Jefferson.
  • Fluor and Webb Tower residents should park in the Jefferson Blvd Parking Structure.  Enter via the Jefferson Blvd Entrance.
  • Parkside Area residents will enter campus at McClintock and Jefferson and proceed south on McClintock to the Parkside Area where USC Transportation and DPS will facilitate curbside parking along 37th Place.
  • USC Village residents should park in the underground structure under Cowlings & Ilium Residential College entering off Hoover Street at 32nd St.
  • Residents of USC Housing apartment facilities in the North University Park area should park in marked parking spaces in the building garages or in appropriate street parking abiding by posted signage.

Moving Equipment and Trash

USC Housing will have bins and dollies available to assist with move out at each of our Customer Service Centers. Signage will be posted to direct residents to where supplies can be checked out. Additionally, USC Housing will have an ample supply of boxes in various sizes available at no charge. Boxes can also be picked up at our Customer Service Centers.

Extra trash bins and dumpsters will be available near all facilities. Residents should remove all trash from their rooms and dispose of it in the bins or dumpsters.  All items left behind will be disposed of by USC Housing with an effort to recycle as much refuse as possible under the circumstances.

Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through these challenging times together.

Thank you,
USC Housing