Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing

For USC students who need testing to board international flights, please know that testing hours through the Pop Testing (PCR) program currently runs from Monday-Friday; testing is not available on weekends.

Results typically return within 48 hours, but this is not a guaranteed timeframe. Testing offered at USC’s PCR program is designed for screening and diagnosis but not travel services.

Students who have rush needs to meet pre-boarding testing requirements for international flights may need to engage external, commercial testing services (ex: CurativeTesting DXHummingbird911 COVID Testing); rush charges may not be covered by insurance. 

Travelers are reminded that high-quality masks are strongly recommended indoors, especially at all travel hubs and on public transit. Vaccinations for flu and COVID-19 bivalent boosters are strongly recommended.



对于需要进行测试才能登上国际航班的加州大学的学生,请注意,通过快筛( PCR )项目进行的测试时间目前从周一至周五;周末不提供测试。


必须符合国际航班登机前测试要求的有紧急需要的学生,可能需要使用外部的商业检测服务(例如: CurativeTesting DXHummingbird911 COVID Testing);加急费用可能不包括在保险范围内。