3/26: Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) Donations

To: Faculty

From: Maja Mataric, Interim Vice President of Research and Deona Willes, Environmental Health & Safety

Date: March 26, 2020

Subject: Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)

USC’s Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and the Office of Research are reaching out to invite you to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) to support continued health care delivery at our Keck Hospital and other local healthcare organizations, first responders, Department of Public Safety, and critical clinical USC COVID-19 research activities. Our community has already engaged in wonderful grass-roots efforts of this type; this message is aimed at facilitating and scaling up such efforts.

To ensure your donations are distributed to those with the highest priorities, EH&S is leading the USC effort. Please coordinate your donations by following the simple instructions below. PPE donations should either be associated with closed awards, or if they are part of active awards, their expenses should be moved from the award(s) (since they will no longer provide a direct benefit to the awarded project) and be accounted on discretionary or FEMA accounts (FEMA account info will follow). Donated items cannot be replaced nor can unused items be returned to donating groups/individuals, as that is neither safe not logistically possible.

Here is the process of donating PPEs:

  • Connect with your business office about any grant-supported donations.
  • Clearly mark and set the materials aside in your laboratory or office.
  • If necessary, designate one pre-approved essential personnel from your laboratory to be responsible for this activity in a single return visit to your laboratory.
  • Fill out the web form found here: USC PPE Inventory Donation Form
  • Let EH&S do the rest on its need-based timelines.

We hope many more of you will be inspired to donate PPEs to help our community cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

Thank you!

Cc: Charles Zukoski