Return Checklist

As the campus reopens in Phase 2, we will count on every Trojan to fulfill their responsibilities to keep themselves and the rest of their Trojan family safe and healthy. Read the Trojan Commitment to better understand our expectations. For health-related information, view the restart health and safety FAQs

✔ Confirm You Are Supposed to Return

Employees: If you have not received a notification from your supervisor that you are expected to return to campus, please continue to work from home. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.

✔ Make Sure You’re Not Sick

If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home. You have a responsibility to stay away from campus until you feel better.

Note: All travelers from international destinations are required by the L.A. County Department of Public Health to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the United States before arriving on campus or residing in campus housing.

✔ Complete Your Training

To return to campus, you must take the mandatory ‘Health, Hygiene and Safety Training’ module in TrojanLearn (requires flash-compatible browser). This will help you better understand the health and hygiene requirements for returning to campus, and why it’s important for you to be aware of how the virus spreads. You will not be able to complete the Trojan Check and reservation without completing this first.

Health, Hygiene and Safety for Employees

Researchers (Students):
Health, Hygiene and Safety for Students in Research Environments

Researchers (Faculty and Staff):
Health, Hygiene and Safety for Employees in Research Environments

Health, Hygiene and Safety for Faculty Launches on July 15

If you are returning to campus before July 15, complete Health, Hygiene and Safety for Employees. If you are returning to campus on or after July 15, take Health, Hygiene and Safety for Faculty, which is an enhanced version of the employee training module that is currently in development and will address unique needs in the academic setting. Only one module must be completed to fulfill the training requirement.

Health, Hygiene and Safety for Students

✔ Confirm You Are Well and Make a Reservation

Before coming to campus, you will need to complete a daily wellness assessment (Trojan Check) affirming that you have not recently been exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19, and that you are not currently experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Within one hour of completing the training module, you will have access to Trojan Check. Once you have completed Trojan Check, you will be allowed to make a reservation to come to campus. At the end of the process, you will receive an access pass with a QR code to enter the campus or your specific building.

Trojan Check wellness assessment and reservation system

Questions? View an overview video of Trojan Check along with step-by-step videos for how to log in, create reservations and complete your wellness assessment.

✔ Use What You Learned

When you arrive on campus, you will need to adhere to the requirements that are covered in the training. Use face masks, maintain physical distancing, practice good hand hygiene (wash your hands) and don’t share equipment.