Restart Roadmap

Project Restart is our campus-wide effort to return to on-campus living, learning and working. We are all anxious to reunite with our friends and colleagues and to welcome new Trojans to USC, but we cannot underestimate the continuing health threat posed by COVID-19. As a result, our decisions about how and when to re-engage on campus will be informed by a team of our leading public health professionals and based on the most current scientific evidence, in addition to local and state regulations. 

Guiding Principles

  1. Health and safety come first: Protect the well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and patients – and be there for our neighbors and local community.
  2. Decisions will advance our mission: Ensure the excellence and continuity of our educational programs, student activities, and research, while promoting access and equity.

Phased Approach

The university will continue to work closely with public health authorities to ensure our return to campus plans align with public health recommendations. Depending on public health guidance, we may need to pause or move back in the phases timeline based on actual conditions.

For more detailed information, please see the Phase 2 Guidelines (USC Single Sign On required for access)

Phase I: Safer-at-Home
Safer-at-home orders in place for city and county. All courses are online. Strict protocols around face coverings, physical distancing and increased cleaning are in place.

Access: students, faculty and staff are on campus by exception only.

Phase 2: First Steps
Begin increased campus activities with strict physical distancing protocols in place. Most operations remain remote.

Returning functions: research, clinical education, essential Keck healthcare operations.

Phase 3: Forward Together
Expanded model of on-campus and online learning with moderate physical distancing protocols in place. Increased on-campus operations.

Returning functions: academics, housing, dining halls, athletics

Phase 4: Fight On
Most operations re-open with health guidelines in place.

Returning functions: academics, research, athletics

Restrictions Lifted
Full operations of all academics, research, and athletics without additional restrictions or guidelines.

Returning to Campus

In addition to adhering to public health guidelines, every student, faculty and staff member returning to campus will be required to follow additional university health measures. Please see our return checklist for details.