Restart General FAQs


Our strategy is guided by the following principles:

  1. Health and safety come first: Protect the well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and patients – and be there for our neighbors and local community.
  2. Decisions will advance our mission: Ensure the excellence and continuity of our educational programs, student activities, and research, while promoting access and equity.

As a community that supports and respects one another, we must all join the fight against COVID-19. United and committed, we will prevent the virus from spreading. Commit to protect yourself, your peers, your neighbors and the entire Trojan community. When we all thrive, we all succeed. View the commitment.

We are currently in Phase 2. This involves the first steps of reopening the campus with strict physical distancing protocols in place. We will move to Phase 3 when both public health officials and university officials believe conditions support a further expansion of on-campus activity with more moderate distancing. For additional details, please see the restart roadmap, which includes a link to the official guidelines.

We are taking a carefully planned phased approach, which we designed in consultation with local health authorities, our own health care experts, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. We are now in Phase 2 of our plan.

In addition, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued a set of protocols for higher education that covers policies and practices to protect employee health, maintain physical distancing, control the spread of infection, communicate with employees and the public, and ensure equitable access to critical services. We are working closely with L.A. County officials and will ensure that the university is fully compliant.

Our progress from one phase to another will not follow a calendar schedule. Instead, these decisions will be made based on conditions on and around campuses, the continued spread of COVID-19 in Los Angeles, and the need to adhere to federal, state, and local guidance.

While our phased approach is managed centrally, each school is submitting its own phased restart plan that adheres to the university’s guidelines. This ensures that we are able to think through an exhaustive list of contingencies and school-specific needs, and that we remain nimble, ready to move forward – or if needed, back – through each phase as conditions dictate.

On-Campus Events and Activities

We will follow guidance from local and state authorities. Any decision the university makes about holding in-person events will be guided, first and foremost, by our ability to maximize the safety of our community.

The USC Hotel is not open to the public at this time. It is being used by the university as part of the overall USC response plan to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our reservations and sales teams are currently available to book rooms for future dates. Please call the hotel at 213-748-4141 or 1-833-2-BOOK-USC for reservation inquiries.

There is no set date for reopening to the public at this time. As soon as a reopening date is announced by the university, we will place this information on the hotel website as well as send an email announcement. Please check our website for updates, or contact our front desk anytime at 213-748-4141.

The USC Hotel is not currently hosting special events. This is part of our compliance with the City of Los Angeles and USC Department of Health & Safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also do not currently have a confirmed start date as to when we can begin hosting events. However, our event and catering team is available to assist you with planning for the future and can answer any additional questions about your special event. Please contact our events team at We look forward to hosting your event in the future.

We do not have any updates at this time. We are still working out the specifics and will share additional information as soon as possible.

Our Welcome Experience programs and activities will begin the week of Aug. 10 and will take place online for all of our new and returning students. If possible, the Welcome Experience will include some smaller, in-person events.

We are developing a unique Welcome Experience for new and returning students that will enable them to establish a connection to their peers and the broader university, create opportunities to build strong relationships in their new environment, and will feature virtual campus introductions and orientations as a window into life on campus.

USC Athletics

USC student-athletes began a phased return to campus for voluntary workouts starting on June 24.

In partnership with USC's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sarah Van Orman and Director of Sports Medicine Dr. John Broadhead, USC developed a comprehensive health and safety plan that is compliant with the L.A. County Department of Public Health and approved by university administration. The plan follows NCAA and Pac-12 Conference recommendations and guidelines.

Student-athletes in the following sports were included in the initial phases of the return to campus for voluntary workouts: football, women's soccer, women's volleyball, men's water polo, men's basketball, and women's basketball. As the workouts are voluntary, Director of Athletics Mike Bohn informed all student-athletes that if they decide not to return for workouts, they will not face reductions in financial aid.

Return to campus dates for student-athletes in the remaining sports have yet to be determined.

Phase one began on June 24 and was limited to returning local (currently within approximately an hour commute of USC) student-athletes in those six sports who will begin the pre-participation process. No on-campus housing will be available to these student-athletes during phase one.

Only upon the successful completion of phase one, returning student-athletes in those six sports who are not local will be permitted to start the pre-participation process. Phase two student-athletes will have the opportunity to reside in USC's on-campus housing facilities. The target goal for phase two to begin is July 6.

Only upon the successful completion of phase two, new and incoming student-athletes in those six sports will be permitted to start the pre-participation process. Phase three student-athletes will also have the opportunity to reside in USC's on-campus housing facilities. The target goal for phase three to begin is July 13.

All student-athletes will be required to complete a pre-participation checklist. USC’s athletic medicine staff will make the final determination on a student-athlete’s clearance to participate in voluntary workouts.

As part of the pre-participation process, all student-athletes must participate in a COVID-19 health and safety protocol information session, complete the university’s TrojanLearn training module, sign a risk and shared responsibility acknowledgement form, pass their annual pre-participation physical, and undergo COVID-19 testing.

Following their initial COVID-19 test, student-athletes will be tested weekly.

In addition to student-athletes, only essential staff (strength coaches, athletic trainers, equipment managers, facilities/operations staff) will be allowed access to facilities during voluntary workouts. Those essential staff members will also undergo COVID-19 testing.

Prior to departing for an athletic facility, individuals must pass a daily symptom questionnaire. Upon arrival at the facility, they will have their temperature checked at a designated checkpoint based on their scheduled appointment time. Individuals will be required to wear face coverings, practice physical distancing, sanitize their hands regularly, wear a daily wristband indicating their approved entry and remain in their assigned areas. There will be no access to the locker rooms, showers or players’ lounges, or to off limit floors in the McKay Center, Galen Center and Heritage Hall.

Upon their arrival to the facility, student-athletes will place any mode of transportation (scooter, skateboard, bike) in a designated area, toss their laundry from the previous day in a laundry bin, place their personal belongings in an individually assigned basket and retrieve their personal water bottle and towel for that day.

Upon exiting the facility, student-athletes will sanitize their hands and equipment, drop off their personal baskets, towels and water bottles, retrieve a clean laundry loop for their next voluntary workout, remove their daily wristband and pick up their grab-and-go meals and nutritional supplements.

The McKay Center weight room will be divided into two areas, with a limit of eight players in any area at one time (plus a strength coach and an athletic trainer). Equipment will not be shared and will be cleaned and sanitized after each group. The athletic training room will be accessible for rehab by appointment only.

Field workouts for football players will be allowed on Howard Jones and Brian Kennedy Fields, with proper distancing.

All meetings with coaches will be virtual through the end of June.

All COVID-19 testing will be done in partnership with USC Student Health. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will receive medical treatment and isolate consistent with L.A. County Department of Public Health guidelines. Quarantine housing will be provided through USC Student Health.

They cannot return to any athletic facilities until medically cleared. USC will conduct contact tracing, and those who have come in contact with positive individuals will be quarantined.

Outside of athletics facilities, student-athletes will be expected to practice physical distancing at all times, wear a face covering at all times (unless alone in a private space), avoid group gatherings both on and off campus, limit interactions with individuals outside of USC, practice clean hygiene, rigorously clean frequently touched surfaces, complete their wellness checks honestly and immediately report any symptoms.

In March, the Pac-12 (as well as other Power 5 conferences) announced the cancellation of all athletics competitions for the 2019-2020 season. Based on guidance from government, health, NCAA, Pac-12 and campus officials, planning for the 2020-2021 athletic season is underway.

General Questions

All non-essential USC business travel remains suspended until further notice.

To support members of the Trojan family affected by COVID-19, the university established funds for students, employees, the community and Keck Medicine. For more information on how to donate to or apply for support from these funds, please visit our support funds page.

We understand that for some students, the capacity to connect off campus is difficult. To help, we are expanding our program to provide financial and technical support for domestic and international students who have connectivity or hardware issues, and we will provide application details soon.

Graduate students should check with the department or school to which they were admitted.

Undergraduate students could be granted deferrals in specific cases relating to medical issues, religious obligations or required military/national service. However, deferral requests for other reasons will generally not be granted.

New students who have committed to enroll at USC but fail to do so will forfeit their spot in the entering class and will need to reapply (with no guarantee of admission) should they wish to attend the university in a future term.

Students wishing to request an admission deferral should contact their admission counselor.